Learning about L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard, affectionately called Ron by his disciples, is the subject of these pages.

The official story is that he passed away in 1986, but this author is certain that he has been only on display for at least a few years after, in fact, passing away years before that official date.

This author once was a disciple and still believes that quite a bit of the so-called ‘tech’ is very good and helpful. Once you experience a ‘line charge’ blowing off during the rather silly questions on the comm-course, it is hard to convince you that this was all nothing. But your’s truly has also been confused by the wide discrepancy of ‘facts’ about Mr. Hubbard when presented by the official Church of Scientology versus his critics.

According to the official story he was a great, able and selfless man, while he does not get away that well – to say the least – when critics dispute the accomplishments.

This web site is an attempt to shed some light. By collecting first-hand reports and stories, if possible with evidence, we shall find out what man he really was – the greatest benefactor of recent times (if not all times) or just a science fiction writer who founded a religion to make money.

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