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I found this article in my “nice-stuff” folder and thought it should see the day of light. The file did not explicitly state the author but from context, I would assume that it was written by Phil Spickler (The father of Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruises’ first wife, responsible for getting him into the ‘Church’.)


Greetings and hallucinations

Let’s get right down to business here. Possibly at one time or another, you’ve heard the term “necessity level” used in connection with both Dianetics and Scientology, and if memory serves me correctly, necessity level is when someone or perhaps even a group does something that seems to be physically impossible. It’s usually mentioned in connection with some exceptional physical feat, like an ordinary average guy picking up by its bumper one end of an automobile in order to remove its crushing weight, usually from a loved one or a good friend, but occasionally might be done for a stranger. Usually, after such an occurrence, there’s quite a hullabaloo, with non-believers contesting with eyewitnesses as to whether such a thing was humanly possible. And in truth, and in cold blood, very few folks, even fairly powerful weight-lifters, could manage to get an automobile, with its springs and all, lifted far enough to remove a tire or some part of the frame off of someone’s body. So there’s necessity level for you!

But such Herculean possibilities also exist in the realm of the mind, as well as what we’ve been referring to as the spiritual realm, and so necessity level could also lead someone or a group to achieve unexpected heights of beingness, as well as the aforementioned doingness, not to mention *having* in most extraordinary and unexpected ways.

At different times in world history, as well as in the realms of Dianetics and Scientology, interest has both waxed and waned over just what such phenomenon is all about. Just about everyone will agree that the conditions that precede such amazing occurrences are often quite desperate, and one of the activities on the planet, which is very frowned on, that sees lots of necessity level is warfare, where men and women and children of all manners of descriptions carry out acts of daring and courage, bravery, that would normally hardly be thought possible.

In questioning people who have done something that comes under the heading of necessity level, such folks will often describe the occurrence as a momentary state of super-consciousness and power — they might say something like, “I hardly knew what I was doing, I just knew that I had to get the car off of the child’s body, so I lifted it.”

So, as you can see, necessity level doesn’t seem to be something where you can just sort of press a mental or spiritual button and suddenly become superhuman. On the other hand, maybe it is possible, on some gradient level of activity, to come closer and closer to such possibilities. I’m not sure I would personally recommend lifting up cars or jumping over 12-foot barriers in a single bound since you’re liable to get picked up for disturbing the peace and come under scientific observation in a less-than-friendly way.

However, this is just a lead-in to the notion of self-clearing, and just how much necessity level does one need to pull off that trick. There are probably some folks who, if they were dropped into an arena with hungry lions or a pit filled with vipers, under the heading of necessity level would become Clear instantly. And by that, I mean simply have their full problem-solving powers completely available, with no impedance, brought about by an enormous threat to survival. Subsequently, all their IQ functions, language, and non-language, would, at least for a short time, function at the highest levels of genius. But since most of us probably aren’t willing to use this method for self-clearing, and since the folks at the local zoo would rather you didn’t use the zoo as a clearing organization, let’s get back to what you can do if you’re still a member of the “I Want to go Clear Club.” Or even if you have been clear, or at least someone using your name has asserted that they were Clear, what I’m about to suggest allows you to “go” Clear as often as you’d like.

Now our friend Pilot has offered quite a plan for self-clearing, and it’s not only probably quite workable, but has enough time in it so you can enjoy the procedure. What I’m about to suggest takes a week or less, and unfortunately is highly workable, and can be repeated any time you or anybody else gets that feeling some morning or afternoon or evening that makes you want to say, “I don’t feel Clear anymore.”

The beauty of the method I’m about to suggest is that it puts you at cause over getting Clear and staying Clear, and is also something you can teach to others while you’re watching television and sipping a cold one. So here we go, Day One of the Week to Clear.

Throughout most of this day, you will be required to say, over and over again throughout the day, whenever something comes to your attention, like the morning newspaper or all of your e-mail or even when you read this, you will say, out loud, in your own hearing (and also possibly in the hearing of others). “That’s absolutely wonderful!” Now at first, you won’t be very good at doing this because you’re not used to saying about everything “That’s absolutely wonderful” — we usually withhold that for something that for some reason or another we think IS absolutely wonderful. But as you can see we’re not going to engage in that form of discrimination; we’re going to treat existence in all of its forms as a complete WOW, and we’re going to let it know that we really mean it. So, as you may have surmised, there are no free rides in this universe — you’re going to have to work at this, even though a lot of your valences will probably just hearing about such an idea claim that it’s preposterous, and has nothing to do with Clear or getting there. But since you’re trying this out as an experiment, you just say to those valences, “That’s absolutely wonderful! — thank you for telling me that,” and go right about your business.

Now this attitude of “It’s wonderful, it’s marvelous, it’s fantastic” is going to be extended to everything that your senses or extra-senses perceive, and of course, some people will undoubtedly think you’re off your rocker (an Americanism for being crazy), but that’s just one more thing where you can say “That’s absolutely wonderful that you feel that way.”

Now, this can be done at work, at home, or at play — hopefully, all three are at the same location — and as Day One wears on, you’ll find that it gets easier to do. And of course, you don’t have to do it every minute of all day; just be sure you start the day this way and end it that way. And it’s OK when you’re listening to your internal dialogue to get enough distance from it to say “That’s absolutely wonderful.”

Now there’s one other thing that we’re going to start on Day One, and this is the other step of this program, and it has to do with the subject of Help, defined as aid or assistance. We’re interested in re-creating one of the finest states of Clear ever achieved in the history of the idea, namely a Help Clear, a state first seen around 1958, and in my opinion one that produced the clearest Clears I’ve ever seen.

Getting someone’s universe clear on the subject of Help is a bit of a task, because it requires, by a direct act of will, or necessity if you will, converting quite a bit of unpleasant stuff in the area of urges and impulses and considerations of harm, hostility, and destructiveness to aid and assistance, and this is on all flows and in all dynamics or domains.

Here again, this is an activity that all of us could easily improve, and one that gives us a fast-acting tool to spot all the valences that hang around ourselves and others that are imbued with harmful, destructive, and evil intentions, even though we will think of these matters not in absolute or universal terms but relative to the areas they occur in.

OK, so part of Day One is to start working on replacing all of that stuff with aid and assistance, making oneself totally open to receiving aid and assistance, making oneself totally open to the idea of causing or giving aid and assistance without having a lot of conditions attached to it, causing and helping others to give aid and assistance to others, and also causing or giving aid or assistance to yourself and the many specially-brought-together personalities that constitute that self.

So, for the first day, you’re going to be gradiently seeing just how far you can take these two steps, and about now there should be a lot of valences that are saying something like, “That Phil Spickler is a real nut, and he knows about as much about clearing and clearing technology as a bucket of lead!” Well, now, I want to say to whoever might be thinking or saying that, that’s a perfectly wonderful thing to think or say, and I really appreciate it; however with your kind permission, I’d like to say a few more words about these two prime steps toward clearing and see if I can put them in a better light so as to inspire you in the direction of doing this-here experiment.

For the purposes of this experiment, we are going to say that the guy’s case is Life. That’s right, life itself — existence. And we want him to get comfortable with the idea that he can look at or perceive any aspect of existence and say that it’s absolutely wonderful. This of course puts him in a position where he is becoming a source of admiration for Life, which if you’ll remember is a synonym for his case or the thing that’s keeping him from being clear. So now you can easily see, since admiration is one of the great solvents in this universe, that its use towards the guy’s case is truly a giant step toward getting that case to go Poof! (Eventually), at which point we have a Clear.

Now the other step, having to do with Help, well, you’re probably way ahead of me on this by now, but in case you aren’t, when the guy on a gradient gets comfortable with the idea of help, or aid, or assistance, on all flows of all dynamics, once again you’ve got him in a position to simply dissolve his case. ’cause where there is help, there is also understanding, and affinity, and all kinds of things that dissolve the heavy solidities of life, or the guy’s case.

So now we’ve got clearing taking place by opening the guy to all of Life, since now he’s not going to shun any of it or hate any of it or deny any of it or not-is any of it; no, he’s not going to do any of that, instead, he’s going to admire it and he’s going to help it. And furthermore, he’s going to become willing to conceive of being helped by anything and everything. He’ll be able to see how the sun helps him, and how God or the 8th dynamic helps him, and how the sands of the Sahara help him, or could, and eventually, this fellow’s going to become a source of help, a giant source, and by the time he gets there, he will have eliminated all that stood between himself and the state of Clear.

All right, now you’re Clear — does this mean for the rest of your life you’re going to have to go around all day, every day, saying, “That’s wonderful!” and “That’s marvelous!” to everything that comes along? Does it mean that you’ll have to every day promote Help on all flows of all 8 dynamics at all times? Heck, no! All it means is that you’ve recovered the power of choice in these matters and that sometimes you might want to say, “That’s not wonderful, I hate it, and I’m not going to help it.” But at least when that happens, you’ll know who’s doing it and why they did it.

So you will once again possess the freedom and the responsibility that goes with knowing that goodness and badness, beautifulness and ugliness, are alike considerations or opinions and have no universal basis in fact.

All right, now, that’s gotten us through Day One, and if you decide to accept this Mission Possible, just go right ahead and do it, and somewhere along the line within this first week, if you’re still alive, I’ll be most pleased to know that you’re Clear. This procedure will also make it possible for you to be Clear whenever you want to be, and for however long you want to be, and when you get bored or tired of being Clear, you can just stop and be something else for a while, knowing that you can put the state back again any time you want with just those two little baby steps.

Being able to be Clear or not be Clear at will is one of my favorite ideas of what it means to be an OT.

Thank you, and good night! — From one who likes to dance the two-step.

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