The Early Days of Heinrich Himmler

His story begins in a land far away, a time long ago. Heinrich was born as the son of a poor coal miner and a housewife who lovingly tended to their home and the sick mother of her husband. Little Heinrich’s childhood was a happy one. His parents were good parents, and even though poor, provided him with all the means to live in a loving home and grow beyond his class of upbringing.

There were times when he felt embarrassed by his parents for their lack of sophistication, but these instances were rare and he learned to understand that his parents were the greatest teachers and supporters because they had given all they could to allow him an education well beyond their own. They had succeeded instilling in him the lust for knowledge and understanding. He had been brought up with the idea that there is nothing too big to be accomplished as long as you take each step on the way.

Already during his days in school and at the university he had started to seek out a deeper understanding of the way this universe really functions. Like Buddha, who first had to join the ascetics to understand that this was not the way to enlightenment, so did Heinrich join the ranks of the agnostics to realize that this was not the way to grasp the inner workings of existence.

He started on his way to deeper understanding through the study of the predominant religions and philosophies of his home planet. When he moved out into the working world after completing his education at the university he encountered a new branch of wisdom that intrigued him intensely. It was the new philosophy of Scientology which put him on a long path of discovery of a new slant on life.

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