The Recent Days of Heinrich Himmler

Sometimes the universe plays mysterious tricks on us and one of the most mysterious tricks happened when our hero went to his meeting with the Comm Ev that had finally been convened to look into his SP declare. There had been some difficulties to reach the secretary of the Comm Ev, Tiana Lake, on the phone to make arrangements but it all worked out eventually and he was at the reception of the Continental Liaison Office in high spirits, sure that his days as an SP would be over soon.

And there, who enters the reception area – Rona, the head of admissions of Delphi Academy, a person our hero had many contacts with during his work in the Delphi Parent Organization of which she was the president. Both were on very friendly terms and so obviously Rona wanted to know what our hero was doing here. She was very surprised to see him as she knew that our hero had a scientology history but she had never seen him participate in any of the church activities. Fortunately our hero was still aware of one of the big taboos in the church of scientology – you don’t talk about non-optimal situations, so he quickly came up with the statement “Handling some ethics problem.” (scientologese for: I have messed up, I got caught and now I have to eat crow.)

Rona gave up prying quickly and fortunately at this time Tiana Lake came down to the reception and asked our hero to meet her at the horse shoe. With this and a quick “see you tomorrow” he was out of the reception.

The ensuing meeting did not go as well as anticipated. First he was left waiting outside the door for more than an hour, but in his high spirits our hero found this more amusing than annoying, considering this a silly power play of the white knights contemplating to give mercy to the fallen knight. There was one little event that interrupted the wait, when one of the security guards that patrol the premises came by with a digital camera and asked if he could take a picture for the files. As if they did not have him on twenty seven surveillance cameras that were monitoring the area already. So he certainly agreed, also under the aspect that refusal would have been an instant indicator that he certainly still must be a suppressive person. Eventually our hero was asked inside and comically the room chosen was as close as possible to the door in order not to taint any more than totally necessary of the holy building with the entheta of an SP – six feet on the right side after the entrance door was a little room that had been designated the interrogation room.

He greeted his four Comm Ev members very kindly and they also were very friendly and soon the subject was his suppressive acts he had allegedly committed more than 20 years ago. Immediately our hero ran into rigid church indoctrination that had nothing to do with the written word of Mr. Hubbard. As written, a suppressive act contains the element of willfulness or intentions. There is always the element of “done to hurt or injure scientology or a scientologist.” The members of the Comm Ev did not grasp this. 

So it went like this: “Have you done ABC?” – “Yes, but it was not intended to hurt anybody, just the opposite.” – “But you did ABC, right?” – “Yes.” – “Then you committed a suppressive act for which you have to take full responsibility.” Simple AND logic was never taught: If for C to be true, A has to be true AND B has to be true therefor, if either A or B is false, then C can not be true. But who can blame them, logic is not taught in school and as young or even second generation scientologists they might not have even gone to school at all.

And so on, the element of “intention to hurt” just was not in the doctrine and so it did not exist. Our hero tried two or three times and then had to give up. Most of the offenses were not that big of a deal anyways. Except the one – our hero had asked for his money back from Flag, and that was certainly not good. In the policy letters he had found an easy way to solve this problem because the policy letters made the difference between Refund and Repayment. He had only asked for a repayment for the services he could not take any more because he was now an SP, but unfortunately somebody had changed that policy later and removed the difference and so it was a suppressive act if asking for either.

But even with this black mark our hero still had the idea that he might be forgiven, there was only one more little piece of information to be retrieved from the Org in Munich. The question was, if there was a demand for refund done which our hero did not remember. It might have been that he had canceled his subscription for the first edition – leather-bound! – of Mission Earth, which he did not want any more and where he had used some strong words to get that canceled, but he honestly did not remember any more. So the Comm Ev wanted to find out and then continue with the next meeting.

Home again our hero thought about what he could do to prove to the Comm Ev that he was not scum. So far he had planned to leave his current live totally out of the picture, but then he thought about the hint the universe had given him in the reception of the CLO. Was he supposed to be totally open about what was going down now? The answer to that question was a clear YES and so he decided to have all the scientologist he knew well testify that he was not an SP. So he asked several of his contacts, he was on friendly terms with, to write a report about him and send it to the Tiana Lake, the Comm Ev secretary. They all gladly complied and send glowing testimony (redacted to protect privacy) about our hero to the Comm Ev – all high ranking, upstanding scientologists either on OT VII or even done.

There was some difficulty on getting the second meeting organized, but compared to the time it took our hero to get to the first meeting, the few weeks it took for the second meeting to convene, was not very significant.

Our hero went into the second meeting with total confidence that it was more or less a formality. Logic demanded this confidence. Per church doctrine, an SP is one of a small percentage of the population that can not be helped. They are driven by the fear that other will treat them as they would treat them if they only could. An SP will not suddenly stop being an SP, he is totally psychotic and he stays that way. Now with all the testimony of (mostly) highly advanced scientologist – OT 7 and 8 – it was clear that our hero could not possibly be an SP, so that he also could not have been one 20 some years ago – QED.

But our hero learned very quickly that logic has no place in church doctrine. The position of the Comm Ev members were that the simple fact that our hero got into contact with scientologist was a clear indication that he continued to commit suppressive acts. He did not even try to bring into the discussion that the element of ‘hurting or injuring scientology or a scientologist’ was not present. Just the opposite.

Our hero was strangely reminded of the witch trials of the middle ages: Hold the suspected woman under water for 5 minutes, if she still lived afterwards she was a witch and needed to be burned at the stake.

For our hero that was pretty much the end of it. He was deeply disappointed but once back home he had one more idea of what he could do – one last chance to save the situation. He still would not give up on the idea that people would value their own experience higher than that of a faceless organization. Oh, was he wrong!

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