Refund and Repayment

Refund in scientology policy is the return of money for services already delivered. This was to be punished severely with closing the door to ever being able to get any other service. And that actually makes sense. Somebody takes a course, it does not help him or he just does not like it and he asks his money back. Totally fine that the deliverer then has the position that hey will not give him any other service because most likely they would have to work for free again.

The repayment is a return of money that was deposited for future services, but these services had not been taken yet. So it was in effect just a return of a deposit. Why would this be punished?

And in the original policies it was not – again – making a lot of sense.

But I guess later on somebody must have realized that it is always bad for the church to give anything back they already had and thus refund and repayment were treated the same.

Now it did not make sense any more, at least not for a person with some sense of logic.

And logical our hero was. He had paid some money for auditing. He was now SP declared and so could not possibly take this auditing. Therefore he had the firm belief that it was the most logical thing in the world for the church to give him his money back. Otherwise they would have gotten something without exchange, and that is usually very important for churchies – at least when it goes in their favor.

By the way, our hero got his money back without a problem.

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