Bill Robert's Sector 9

I just ran into the Sector 9 book from ‘Captain Bill’ – hidden in the deep crevices of my hard drive. I would take all this with a grain of salt, but it still grants an interesting insight into the world of ‘splitting view points’ in the early 80s.

I browsed through it a bit and enjoyed it – while I have to admit that I did not actually read it when I encountered it first, so many years ago. Thinking back, that was a time when you had to make a photocopy of the whole book when you wanted one for your own.

I actually found this document in a form without any indication what format it was in. I guessed it was an MS Word doc, so I slapped a .doc at the end of the file name SECTOR_9 but Word considered it too old to open. I first had to apply some registry hacks to convince Word that it was OK to open it.

So, now, for your enjoyment, here is the SECTOR 9 Book and I can recommend surveying it starting at page 99. The initial debrief is interesting only for old-timers who want a bit of a reminder of the ‘good old days’.

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