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Disclaimer: The following is a story told to me by a former parent of Delphi Academy Los Angles and applies to this school alone. Other Delphi Academies might be very different; the reader is encouraged to do his or her own research. The story, as presented here, occurred around 2006 or 7, so there is a chance that things have changed, even though, considering past experience, this is not very likely.
This tale appeared publicly on the website Willie – he will introduce himself – later sold this website to some upstanding member of the Scientology Church where it still today advertizes the superiority of the Delphi Schools. Outdated? Yes! As some of the links to different schools survived the actual school.
The Editor

DelphiParents.comHello and Welcome to this Fountain of Truth

May I introduce myself. My name is Willie Wonka, which is obviously not my real name for reasons that will become evident shortly. I acquired this site, from the person whose story I am compelled to tell.

It is a story of treachery and betrayal and a story of courage and integrity. There will be events that make you shake your head in disbelief and there will be events to instill joy and relief.

The hero of our story is Heinrich Himmler – no, not that one, a different one. He came into this world with a mission – a mission he was not initially aware of, a mission he still is in the middle of, and a mission he is certain to end successfully, even though he does not know at this point what ‘successful’ actually entails.

Heinrich had run this website for the benefit of all the parents of the LA Delphi Academy. After the events as told below had unfolded, he passed on this site to me, yours truly. I was compelled to disseminate his story in the hope that it might help at least one person to avoid those pitfalls.

The Early Days

His story begins in a land far away, a time long ago. Heinrich was born as the son of a poor coal miner and a housewife who lovingly tended to their home and the sick mother of her husband. Little Heinrich’s childhood was a happy one. His parents were good parents, and even though poor, provided him with all the means to live in a loving home and grow beyond his class of upbringing.

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The Middle Days

Our hero was very much intrigued by the new viewpoints he learned to see through Scientology. The guru worship was a bit of a turn-off but he managed to ignore that part for the time being. He grew into the group, developed friendships, converted his girlfriend into a Scientologist, then converted her into his wife, but then, in the early eighties, a brutal cleansing of the Church of Scientology occurred and it had a sweeping effect. The comradery in the mission was replaced with a heartless push for results and by a hair, our hero jumped ship.

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The Later Days

After his departure from the Church of Scientology, our hero established himself in his new life and enjoyed it. During his adventures in software, aviation, dating, and marrying he still had this nagging annoyance that there was somebody out there who had succeeded to cut his communication with his ex-wife Karin Griffith. He started two actions to remedy his declaration as a suppressive person, with the idea that he might be able to help his ex-wife to make her own decision. Despite a good start and much intention to help him, in both cases, the communication fizzled out when getting to the higher levels and nothing was accomplished.

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The Recent Days

Sometimes the universe plays mysterious tricks on us and one of the most mysterious tricks happened when our hero went to his meeting with the Comm Ev that had finally been convened to look into his SP declare. There had been some difficulties to reach the secretary of the Comm Ev, Tiana Lake, on the phone to make arrangements but it all worked out eventually and he was at the reception of the Continental Liaison Office in high spirits, sure that his days as an SP would be over soon.

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The Results of all of That

With all his hopes shattered, there now was our hero with quite some situation on his hand – his little son in a Scientology school which he loved and did very well in, but Heinrich’s cover as a good Scientologist totally blown. It was obvious to him now that his attempt to clear his name had been foolish as foolish can be. After more than 20 years, who would still be there to remember or recognize him? From one of the great reports that had been written about him, he knew that even the MAA Flag did not know about him, but the damage was done and something needed to be handled now.

Obviously, our hero still did not agree with his label but he also was very aware of the fact that any proper SP would think the same and that a Scientologist in fear of very expensive sec checks could easily convince himself that this Heinrich Himmler was an intruder into their world and must have come with only evil intention – how else would you explain that he had lived amongst them for years without telling the truth?

Nevertheless, our hero was still unable to believe that there would be such an inability to think outside indoctrination and fear of retaliation by their cadre, that clearing up the situation would be impossible. He firmly believed any person, if confronted with the facts – in conjunction with their own perceptions – would see the situation as what it was – ridiculous.

Thus, the next day he went to Maggie, the headmaster, and informed her about the situation. He was nearly convinced that she would say something to the effect of “WHAT? Let me talk to those people and straighten that out!” Yet, our hero had been wrong about the members of the Comm Ev before and he was wrong again about Maggie. Her reply was “Thank you for telling me that. It is good information. – So your son can not be at Delphi anymore.”

At this point in time our hero was not aware that this was actually a turn for the better, but more about that later.

Fortunately, Maggie did not follow doctrine completely by immediately terminating any communication. After all, she was on OT7! Our hero was able to negotiate with her for his son to finish the Form 2 Course, which would take him another six to seven weeks. In exchange, Heinrich had to promise not to set foot on campus and have all further communication routed through his wife. He did not particularly like this because he had, as mentioned, really taken part in the schooling of his son, unlike most other parents, but it seemed a reasonable compromise.

It felt very strange indeed for our hero not to take his son to school in the morning which he had done for the whole tenure. One can imagine that it was most impossible to understand for his son why he was expelled from school after not doing anything wrong, just the opposite – he had been a model student all the time. So our hero had some explaining to do and he tried to do this in a way that there was no bad feeling towards his teachers, other students, and the faculty.

Two people stood out – one positive, one negative. The negative was Tracey Andruscavage, the leader of the cub scout den our hero’s son was a member of. She actually excluded him from a scout trip, fortunately, realized what she did and then apparently came to her senses.

The other person (name withheld to protect the innocent) came up and talked to our hero, told him that she had her own perceptions and therefore would not cut the communication. You, dear reader, can imagine that this filled our hero with hope for this group – if one person could do it, so eventually, others should be able as well.

Generally, the situation was handled very hush-hush, in Scientology, you never give any public attention to non-optimal situations and misfits, so many staff and parents remained ignorant of the situation. And they were too busy with their own lives to notice that from now on our hero’s wife was the only one coming to school. Only a few noticed and became curious. One mother, obviously not a Scientologist, was so upset about the unethical behavior of the school management, that she recommended an attorney to our hero who would be eager and willing to represent our hero and his son for the wrong-doing of the school. But Heinrich knew that this would not lead to any positive outcome. Sure, the school and particularly the scout leader had put themselves into potentially very hot water for religious discrimination and they were now wide open to lose the school and certainly the charter from the Boy Scouts of America, but on the other hand, our hero could not see any possible positive outcome, so he declined.

He recognized the right of individuals to form their own groups. The only problem with Delphi had been that they wanted to use the school also for secret recruiting and dissemination instead of just declaring their school as a  gateway drug for the Scientology Church.

Our hero’s son successfully completed his Form 2 which coincided nicely with the end of the school year and then the most amazing thing happened. Our hero had, before all this started, already signed up for the next year and paid his non-refundable application fee of several hundred dollars. Notice: non-refundable! – Can you believe, he was refunded that non-refundable fee. That certainly demonstrated that the school knew they were in hot water, had he chosen to be angry.

After the completion of the Delphi tenure, the selection of a new school was started which, after a not so successful attempt with homeschooling, was very successful. Initially, our hero’s family thought that it had been a loss to be expelled from Delphi, but it soon became clear that it was a good thing. The new school was a very warm and nurturing place and the little hero did very well.

It became clear that the Delphi system was creating extremely self-centered young people and our hero’s son voiced the opinion that the inflation of praise and awards (he did not use those words, he is only eight after all) was not good, that it was much better that you had to genuinely work for something and that only one person got the reward.

During all these recent events there had still been some blips on the ethics radar screen, indicating that there was still some movement in the case regarding our hero’s status as an SP. The findings of the Comm Ev had not been approved, there was talk about another Comm Ev, but now, after the little hero was out of Delphi and perspectives were changing, that did not seem too important anymore.

Yet this one funny incident still has to be told. Our hero and his wife were working on getting the little hero ready for bed when one night there was a knock at the door. It was nine at night and an unannounced visitor would normally be ignored. But the knocks were repeated and repeated so that there was no possible way for the little hero to go to sleep.

So, our hero called through the open window inquiring who was requesting attention. The answer was flabbergasting: Richard Valle – the Pacific Justice Chief, the very chief our hero had his seven-year communication with!

He was so surprised that the plans to go to sleep were abandoned and our hero opened the door. There he was, Richard Valle with two other properly dressed Scientologists – carrying some impressive-sounding ranks. Admittedly, our hero was in good hopes that they had come to their senses and seen that the whole SP declare was just ridiculous. And so it appeared. Sitting around the table, all three confirmed that they had come to help. That they would make sure there would be another Comm Ev and everything possible would be done.

But that was not all they had come for – they wanted to bring some more good news. It took a full hour before the cat was out of the bag – they were on a mission to sell books! To an SP! What they tried to sell was the new and improved David Miscavage version of all the Scientolgy books – at the special price of only $3000 – if he would buy now.

Clearly, our hero had to decline. He agreed with them that it was great that Mr. Miscavage now finally had a version of all material just like Mr. Hubbard had intended it to be. But he also had to tell them that even the best books from a group that is so unethical, as they and their school had just demonstrated to him, would be of no interest to him. Let’s get the Comm Ev done and the SP declare lifted then he could get a book or two and compare them to the originals to evaluate if they were indeed better and he indeed wanted them.

To save face, the three book-missionaries left our hero with a DVD containing the recording of the event at which Mr. Miscarriage had announced his new and improved version of Mr. Hubbard’s books.

As expected no word was heard from this trio ever again – no Comm Ev, no further communication. But this event still had the positive effect of removing any doubt in our hero. Now he was really happy that his son was out of there without any major damage. Apparently, this group had gone so totally out-ethics (note that this is Scientologese, as I, your narrator, learned from our hero) in their greed for money that they even wanted to sell to their declared enemy, totally against all the original policy of Mr. Hubbard. The new and improved Miscarriage version might allow for it, but the original version, our hero knew, explicitly stated that no service and materials were to be sold to SPs.

Still, our hero knows that all the people (or let’s better say most) he had dealt with, were really good people with genuine intention to help and to do good. He wanted to tell his story for those people – because he knows, if they make it to the point where they trust themselves more than some anonymous ‘church,’ they will be able to understand what the founder of the Church of Scientology tried to tell them in a very early article. And if there is only one person, a single person, who will take a step back and see what is going on, then it was well worth telling this story.

Here is this quote, and our hero wished that more disciples heeded to those words of their leader …

Personal Integrity

from the magazine Ability, 1961

WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself
And when you lose that you have lost everything.
What is personal integrity?
Personal integrity is knowing what you know.
What you know is what you know.
And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
And that is integrity
And there is no other integrity.
L. Ron Hubbard