Sec checks

‘sec check’ is scientologese for security checks.

This is a method of interrogation with the help of the e-meter to find any disagreement, any criticism, and maybe any real wrong-doings.

Even though it is intended to keep scientology safe it is still charged to the customer at the full rate of auditing. This at least was true when our hero was told that, before he could go onto his OT levels for which he had already paid, he would need two intensives (25 hours) of sec checking. That’s why he never got to do the OT levels within the church, because he just did not have the extra 20k to cover that.

Actually he did, but he did not want to spend it because he was sure that he would be doing his OT levels after he had joined the Sea Org. There he would get the service as part of his compensation. He did not know that Sea Org members often had to work many, many years before they were able to get such highly regarded service.

To stress this point – additional sec checks can be very annoying when somebody has just scraped together the payment for a service and there is nothing left for those sec check. It’s easy to forget some integrity if you reeeeealy want that service – NOW!

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