The Later Days of Heinrich Himmler

After his departure from the Church of Scientology our hero established himself in his new life and enjoyed it. During his adventures in software, aviation, dating and marrying he still had this nagging annoyance that there was somebody out there who had succeeded to cut his communication with his ex-wife Karin Griffith. He started two actions to remedy his declaration as a suppressive person, with the idea that he might be able to help his ex-wife to make her own decision. Despite a good start and much intention to help him, in both cases the communication fizzled out when getting to the higher levels and nothing was accomplished.

Finally some eight years ago he started one more attempt and made the decision to push it through. Many letters to the international justice chief Mike Ellis and then the pacific justice chief Robert Valle followed. Most of them were promptly answered. But not all of them and a few conveyed the idea of “We get back to you when we have news.” The latter type of letter always required a nudge some weeks later to restart the communication, otherwise the communication would have died away. As our hero had promised himself, this time, without negative emotion, he just did what was necessary to keep the cycle afloat.

Several years back, about 2001, there was a Meeting in Person at the CLO where all agreed that a Comm Ev was in order to look into the SP Declare.

In the meantime our hero had become the proud father of a boy and at that time he firmly believed that the study technology developed by Mr. Hubbard was a very valuable tool in the education of children. When his son was ready to go to pre-school he found Hogg’s Hollow Preschool and Kindergarten which used scientological principles but did not really make a big deal of it. There was a type of scientological handshake (using scientology lingo) by with scientologists know each other. A noticeable fraction of the parents were not scientologist and did not even notice those signs of a secret brotherhood – or did not care. Our hero did not hide that he had a scientology history but also did not feel compelled to tell anybody that the church-of-scientology considered him to be the arch enemy as for him that was a ridiculous proposition to begin with.

Out hero’s son flourished and made progress in great strides which confirmed to our hero that there was something to this study technology by Mr. Hubbard. Therefore, when the son graduated from Kindergarten, the obvious choice for the new school was one that used the same method, and so Delphi Academy was chosen.

The son continued to flourish and flew through the self paced program offered. He was a model student and collected “Student of the Week” and “Honor Roll Student” like other kids collect trading cards. Our hero had always had the idea that he needed to be involved in the education of his off-spring and so he was very involved in the school business. Just as at Hogg’s Hollow he also became a great contributor of his time and effort at Delphi Academy. He did not do it for the recognition but he also did not object when he was publicly rewarded for his contributions.

Now, it was a little bit of a strange situation for him as – after all – many of staff and parents were members of the church-of-scientology and were not supposed to know their church considered him the scum of all scum, not fit to even talk to them. But our hero was certain that once his dealings with the Pacific Justice Chief would come to bear fruit and a Comm Ev would look into the situation, there would be not situation any more.

Understandably our hero was happy when, after seven or more years, finally a Comm Ev was convened and he was invited to appear before it.

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