Karin Griffith

Karin Griffith was, before her marriage to Rich Griffith, our hero’s wife – maiden name Karin Schuldt. She was actually the reason that our hero and his son were not longer at Delphi Academy, because in order to enable communication with her he tried to get his SP declare lifted, which started the avalanche. Heinrich asked me to let him say some words…

Karin GriffithHello Karin,
I know that even if you find this page here and you are still an upright Scientologist and staff member, whatever I say will only confirm that I am an SP, and that is fine with me.
But at the off-chance that you finally developed a more critical attitude to the Church and googled your name (who does not do that, right?) and found this entry, please know that you can certainly count on me to help you in any way I can. I was the one responsible that you joined the Church – using basic FSM techniques working your ruin – so it is only just that I help you to get out. If you want to continue to practice scientology tech – that is not a problem, the idea that only within the Church you can get the right auditing is just that, and idea – it is not true. So, don’t believe the scarcity propaganda – you don’t have to put your master’s foot on your head before you can be free – you can just stand up now and take that freedeom.
To get in touch with leave a message on this website and I will get in touch with you, just let me know when and where you want to be picked up or where and if I can call you.
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