Meeting in Person at the CLO

After so many letters had gone back and forth with Richard Valle, the Pacific Justice Chief, our hero finally could arrange a meeting in person.

He was supposed to meet Richard at CLO – the Continental Liaison Office. The building is on the East side of L. Ron Hubbard Way in Hollywood, opposite of the ‘Blue Complex.’ He was there in time, even found a spot to park right there in the parking lot of the building and walked into the building and announced his presence and intention to the receptionist.

While waiting he had the pleasure of observing the receptionist doing his job. He was a gray person who probably never sees the daylight and was glued to the telephone. Obviously our hero did not have the resources to do some scientific research, but as a guestimate would say that one quarter to one third of the words this gray person uttered was ‘reception…’, ‘reception…’

After that opener to an incoming call no further verbal communication was necessary. Hardly ever a ‘yes, one moment, I’ll connect…’ – efficiently making the connection was all the acknowledgment needed. Our hero was so fascinated that he could have watched him for hours, but soon Richard came to greet him.

He had been looking forward to enter the wholly halls but that grace was not to be granted. Instead of taking him to his or any office, Richard escorted him out into the parking lot and they found a comfortable wall to sit on discuss the subject at hand.

Hindsight is 20/20 and, obviously, he could not let an SP into the building. Our hero had probably already infected the reception area, and it would be interesting to know if they actually did some exorcism after he had left.

As for the subject matter that was handled during their meeting in the parking lot, Richard showed our hero some references that made it clear that in this situation, SP declared but believing that this was an unjust judgment, a Comm Ev needed to be convened, probably by INCOMM, the org that had busted him in the first place.

Richard promised that he would arrange that. Did I mention that this was somewhere around the year 2000 and as I write our hero’s story we are about to enter the year 2008?

(By the way, the Comm Ev did happen, not within INCOMM, in the first half of 2007.)

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