Looking at the Effect

It is becoming more and more difficult to investigate L. Ron Hubbard by direct eye witness accounts as time goes by and those eye witnesses go slowly extinct.

The second best, or third if you count talking to the master himself, is to look at the deeds and effects.

Actor Jason Beghe’s account of his tenure as a scientologist sheds a very revealing light. It is interesting for this author personally as his early experiences are very similar to Mr. Beghe’s. This ‘jumping into with both feet’, no need to be convinced or sold – very familiar!

This author had his real convincing experience on OT TR0 on the communication course. His experience was a bit delayed – probably – because at that time the ‘comm course’ in Frankfurt, Germany left out OT TR0 and started directly with TR0. So, your’s truly had to finish the course first and he did it with a bang – a big win on co-auditing. This ┬árudimentary auditing was the de-factor internship of that introductory course. It was, by today’s standards, a serious ‘squirrel’ course, but still enough to convince this author to jump in and look past all those strange things that turned him off – like the personal cult of the master through the display his portrait in each and every room of the mission. The second course then contained OT TR0 and this is where your’s truly went exterior and no more convincing was required.

But back to Jason Beghe. Grab a beer and some snacks because this is a long film…

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