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The First Clear

One of the first people to become a person non-grata and disappear was John McMaster, the very first clear.

He disappeared during the early days of Scientology when Ron was definitely still at the helm, so we have to give some more importance to the fact that he disappeared, or was made to vanish. If somebody vanished in the late 80s we can safely assume that this was done against Mr. Hubbard’s will, by the evil person(s) ruling the Cof$.

But in those early days, the boss must have at least known what was going on with his very close confidant who actually audited him.

I assume that the following lectures by Mr. McMaster are genuine. I know, there are probably some individuals who might entertain the idea that they are fakes, but that would be, in my eyes, giving the bad guys too much credence.

It is very good information and we can certainly see the influence of LRH. Most surprising for me was how little grudge John McMaster seemed to hold against the people who ousted him.

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